Hairyman Brewery is the dream child of husband and wife team Andrew Orrell and Joan O’Donnell. Andrews passion for craft beer and wholegrain brewing, totally influenced the couples decision to abandon the world of construction, and dive wholeheartedly into the world of fine hops, malts and grains. Life is too short so why not share your beer!

It is true to say that Andrew (Andy/Gobby) Orrell is a happy man (although he may not always show it on the outside). Having brewed on and off since his late teens, he began concentrating on brewing and particularly all grain brewing over the last 10 years. This always made him happy. However going that step further, changing careers, businesses and industry has made him even happier. Being able to brew on a larger scale, developing and creating intricate flavours using the finest ingredients and with a completely new brew-house setup, he is literally in seventh heaven. It is fair to say Andrew likes tradition when it’s comes to beer, however he toys with those traditional flavours to bring out the subtleties of flavour in some cases and highlighting intensities in others, experimenting with various mash blends and yeasts to produce beers that have character worthy of the Hairyman title. His vast skills range, both hands on and in management, gained over 20 years in the construction industry and 16 years running his own construction company, plus experience in manufacturing and engineering design, has contributed to an enormous advantage when it comes commissioning and running a brewery. Andrew hasn’t got just one favourite drop he loves them all, but if he was pushed he’d have to say he loves his Cory's Claim - Dark Ale.
Joan, originally from Ireland so loves a beer, admits there are some major advantages to being "the Brewer's Mrs", beers constantly on tap or requiring tasting, less beer bottles in the recycling (thinking of the neighbours) and the aroma of simmering hops and malt wafting through the house and now the office too. However, despite the traditional self-titled "Brewer's Mrs" tag, the other main advantage has been being part of great new and expanding industry, with exciting creative and progressive marketing and sales methods. This has given Joan plenty of avenues to expand upon her eclectic business skills and experiences, whilst enjoying the journey with the comfort of good beer. Having been an integral part of their previous construction business, Joan believes in streamlined business management systems to administer the many aspects of a brewery. Joan’s favourite drop is the Lawson's Legend Pale Ale (ideally served chilled in her special "ladies glass", followed closely by the Hairyman Stout, currently only in test phase, but already in high demand around the brewery and at home, it will be with you all very soon.